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NarutoMUSH: Rivalry (game.narutomush.com:7568) is a text-based roleplaying game that allows you to create custom characters to fit into the realm of Naruto and live the life of a shinobi or wanderer during the first years following the creation of the hidden villages.

The game has a unique system which allows custom clans, attacks and defenses, as well as a unique interactive battle system that allows fighting to be streamlined without worrying about god-modding and the sort. Players are encouraged to join and create their own destinies forging the past that eventually leads up to the birth of Naruto. You can start out as a Student, Genin, or Chuunin in village and work your way to the top to achieve your ultimate goal!

We have a rather close-knit community of roleplayers looking to expand the world of Naruto to even more people.

If you have any questions feel free to read the news files on the wiki or log in and find things out yourself!

Current News

2/1/2016 - Cooee is moving us over to a new host. If there is a problem. the alternative address we can connect to is:

DNS: li394-183.members.linode.com

He will start the transfer in about a week.

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Current Featured Character

Kaguya Tsiro


The Tempest of Water, Mizukage of Kirigakure

Kaguya Tsiro is the recently appointed 5th Mizukage of the Mist after the 4th stepped down from the position. In the past this particular Kaguya has been known as ruthless, almost cutthroat, and has exhibited extreme violence throughout his career as a Mist shinobi. Time will tell if the Mist becomes stronger after this change in leadership but it is always a joyous day when a Mizukage is born.


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