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NarutoMUSH: Rivalry (game.narutomush.com:7568) is a text-based roleplaying game that allows you to create custom characters to fit into the realm of Naruto and live the life of a shinobi or wanderer during the first years following the creation of the hidden villages.

The game has a unique system which allows custom clans, attacks and defenses, as well as a unique interactive battle system that allows fighting to be streamlined without worrying about god-modding and the sort. Players are encouraged to join and create their own destinies forging the past that eventually leads up to the birth of Naruto. You can start out as a Student, Genin, or Chuunin in village and work your way to the top to achieve your ultimate goal!

We have a rather close-knit community of roleplayers looking to expand the world of Naruto to even more people.

If you have any questions feel free to read the news files on the wiki or log in and find things out yourself!

Current News

5/8/14 - Work on 2.5 continues, stability changes have made various code bits better handled and we now have a new wiki staffer! Welcome Cid on the mush as our new Wiki Royal. He'll be handling our Wiki grading of player pages going forward! Hi Cid!!

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Featured Article of March 2015

Okumo Naoya


Okumo Genin of Kirigakure

A boy, a creature, a nest, a experiment.. One who doesn't truly understand where he fits into the picture at most times and tries to choose where he belongs rather than waiting patiently. He often follows the guidance of the voices in his head, or rather truly within him, even when it might not be according to plan. Most of all he is someone who cannot stand staying still for long or settling. His drive is to become the best without question, even though he isn't sure what he is to be the best at.


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