Welcome To NarutoMUSH: Rivalry!

After over a decade of roleplaying fun, NarutoMUSH Rivalry was officially closed down on November 30, 2017. This wiki will remain as an archive of the characters and stories weaved during NMR's second incarnation. Thanks to all those who made NMR a blast.

A reboot of sorts called Naruto: Fragmented Provenance has been established. Telnet to Narutomu.com:5000 to check it out.

Current News

12/1/2017 - Naruto MUSH Rivalry 2.5 has officially closed. Contact moc.liamg|HSUMoturan#moc.liamg|HSUMoturan for questions or to be added to a mailing list for any future developments.

Current Featured Character

Miira Reina


"The only truths are the ones which we make with our own hands."

Reina is more of a general than a soldier. She's calculating, cunning, and always thinks many steps ahead. She's always moving towards her goal, but few besides her followers know what she truly pursues. In the heat of battle (bad pun) she's as fierce as any warrior. Safety is good, but she's also in her element when in danger. Why do people either embrace the light or dark? Reina will say she isn't a good or evil person, she's a force of nature who will do anything to anyone. She enjoys onigiri and long walks on the beach.


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