++news Aburame

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Kikaichu Chakra Drain (Attack)
Insect Control (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Insect (Kikaichu) Control

The Aburame clan is a mysterious family that has an extremely special
ability: the ability to control and communicate with bugs. They are most
noticeable because the majority of the family members wear shades or
sunglasses. At birth, the babies of the clan are given to the kikaichu
(destruction bugs). The kikaichu are the parasites, and the body of the
newborn is the host. However, the relationship quickly becomes a symbiosis.
Both host and parasite benefit the amalgamation. The kikaichu absorb Chakra
from the host, and the host gets a powerful weapon and resource. The
kikaichu are useful as offensive, defensive, and informational tools.

The Aburame clan's organization is somewhat unique: it is a matriarchy.
The matriarch is chosen not by birth, or even by ability — she is chosen
by the number of kikaichu in her body, for the matriarch possesses an
abnormally high number of female kikaichu. The clan is organized almost
like a hive: each Aburame is suited for certain tasks, chosen by the
Matriarch. The good of the clan always comes before any individual benefit,
and it is this outlook which lends itself to the Aburame's ability to work
as a team (even when they might not get along personally).

The Aburame clan is defined by the kikaichu. When an Aburame child is
born, their body is given to the kikaichu. Their body is used as a nest for
the destruction bugs, and their chakra used to feed them. In return, the
Kikaichu do the bidding of their host. The kikaichu act as a weapon, as a
shield, and as a tool used for gathering information. Because each Aburame
is a hive, their abilities can widely vary.

A normal male kikaichu has no scent whatsoever. A female does have a
scent, but it is so slight it can only be detected by the male kikaichu.
Because of this, an Aburame - and only an Aburame - can use the females to
track someone.

Special scout kikaichu also exist: they can be sent out and will later
return to their host with information about an area or individual. Some
Aburame can control the breeding of their kikaichu. This is done to produce
specialized strains with unusual abilities. However, these special breeds
are kept so secret that they are known only to the host of the breed, and
to the matriarch.

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