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Academy Instructors are the teachers of a Village's ninja academy. They are
usually Chuunin, though some Jounin may also serve. The Instructors teach
Students in the areas of mathematics, history, science, and language, as
well as in the ninja arts of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Also taught
are the basics of trap setting, how to strengthen the mind and body, the
proper handling of shuriken and kunai, how to use chakra, and basic hand
seals (amongst other things). Academy Instructors may even offer classes in
the kunoichi arts (flower arrangement, tea service, etc.).

OOCly, this configuration works much like a team. Academy Instructors may
accept characters of Student rank to instruct. They will teach those
Students the necessary ninja skills, and help them eventually graduate from
the Ninja Academy.

* To apply for an Academy Instructor position, please @mail your Village's

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