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Each ninja in Naruto has a certain affinity to a particular element. The
five elements are: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning.

A ninja's affinity to a particular element can be tested through the use of
Chakra Paper, which is a special paper made from trees grown with Chakra.
Chakra Paper reacts in different ways to a ninja's particular affinity. A
ninja with fire element affinity will cause the paper to burn; wind causes
the paper to split in two; lightning causes the paper to wrinkle; earth
causes the paper to crumble away; water will cause the paper to become damp.

A ninja's attacks are often based on their element affinity, and a ninja
may only use attacks from an element they an affinity for (for example, you
may not use Firebolt if you do not have the Fire Manipulation skill). A
ninja may also eventually discover that they have a second element affinity
(for example, Sasuke: Fire and Lightning), but getting a second affinity
requires special RP discovering the second affinity, as well as the
applicable Style costs. Please see +news skillcosts and +news styles for
more information.

The idea of combination elements does exist, however most of these are
special abilities that are linked to specific bloodlines and clans. For
example, Haku had an Ice affinity (Water and Wind Manipulation); Yamato had
the Wood affinity, which was a combination of Water and Earth Manipulation.
Not all elements, however, are able to be combined, for some don't
physically go together. You can search +news clans to see which clans have
combination elements, or you may contact Staff if you'd like to apply for a
new combination element. Please keep in mind that creating a new
combination element is EXTREMELY rare.

* You can apply for your element affinity through MagiMaster2 (or MM2)
using the Pre-Made Skill Application (+news premadeapp).

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