Age of Consent

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At the age of 16, your character is considered an adult on NarutoMUSH. This
mean that your character has reached the IC age in which they are able to
consent to things (such as being romantically involved).

If your character is not yet 16, and your significant other is also not yet
16, your characters may date, but that is basically it. Any IC romance for
character's under the age of 16 should be kept at a PG level (what you
might see on Nickelodeon; gossamer flirting, for example).

If your character is 16 or older, your character may be involved with a
younger character, but that age gap may not exceed two years (for example,
she's 17, and he's 15 — that's acceptable). If the characters are more
than two years apart, it is ICly illegal for the characters to be even
dating, and such an infraction will be met with both IC and OOC

Seeing as NarutoMUSH is, however, in a pseudo-feudal Japanese setting,
people outside of this age bracket can be betrothed to one another.
However, their marriage cannot take place until both parties are of the
appropriate age. Again, please keep any romantic interaction at a PG level.

*If characters are going to engage in anything more than a casual kiss
in a scene, please make sure that scene is private.

TS is not allowed if a character is less than 16. There are no exceptions
to this rule. If caught violating this rule, your character may be banned.
Characters at or above the age of 16 may choose to have TS, but - again -
it must be kept private.

Note: sexual harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If a
relationship is becoming too much to handle, and the other party will not
respect your request to cease interaction, please contact a Staffer

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