+news Akimichi

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Taijutsu (Stat)
+1 Stamina (Stat)
Akimichi Style Taijutsu (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Akimichi Style Taijutsu

The chubby clan of the Leaf. The Akimichi are most famous for their
body-enlargement jutsus and their large appetites (as well as for their
rotundness). The name "Akimichi" means "the road in the season of autumn".
"Aki" means "autumn", which is a time of harvest. "Michi" means street,
which is where vendors sell food. They are a tight-nit clan that values
friendship and family over their own lives. They are very prideful, and
also very peaceful. They are specialists in regards to flavor and taste.
They aren't as formal as most other clans, but their leadership does
consist of a council of elders who are very close with the Village. The
Akimichi who aren't ninjas are often farmers. There are three major
divisions of the Akimichi (see +news akimichi2).

Two attacks of this clan are widely known: the Multi-Size Technique and
the Meat-Tank Technique. The effect of the Multi-Size Technique is that it
enlarges one of the user's body parts (or all of them). The effect of the
Meat-Tank Technique is that it allows the user to roll around in a giant
ball at high speeds. First, the user tucks their arms, legs, and head in;
then they move as fast as they can: a wrecking ball of meat and bone. Hence
the name Meat Tank.

Another thing about this comical but powerful clan is that they have
available three pills which increase their fighting ability. These custom
pills are available only to members of the Akimichi. Those pills are: the
Houren-gan Pill (or Blue Pill); the Curry Pill (or Yellow Pill); and the
Pepper Pill (or Red Pill). Taking even one of these pills causes great
damage to the body. All of the pills increase the Chakra and Stats of
whoever eats them. However, it should be noted that people may die from
eating the pills because it puts too much strain on the body. That is why
members of the Akimichi only use these as a last resort. These pills also
have a particular order in which they must be consumed. Starting with the
weakest and ending with the strongest, the order is: Houren-gan, Curry,
then Pepper. (Note: the standard Akimichi Transformations are currently:
Body Growth, Houren-gan Pill, Curry Pill, Giant Body Growth, and Pepper

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+news Akimichi2

Fighting Akimichi: This group mostly consistents of the males of the clan.
They enjoy food and are usually overweight; however, this is not without
reason. They burn excess calories and convert it to Chakra in order to
increase their body-mass. They specialize in body-growth techniques, and
are the defenders or their clan. These fighters tend to be the largest
members of the clan, and they specialize in Taijutsu supplemented with
their clan's particular Ninjutsu. Each level requires more Chakra and
further concentration, and eventually Super-Multi-Size makes the user
temporarily a giant. These fighters also possess the ability to focus
body-expansion into specific body parts in order to increase that body
part's power and size.

Medical Akimichi: Akimichi, for the most part, are very well-educated in
terms of the body, particularly the metabolic system and muscles. The
Medical Akimichi invented the food pills, pills that speeds up the
digestive process in order to convert calories to Chakra. Their job
consists of making sure that their clan's fighters don't experience the
negative side-effects of their clan's devouring lifestyle. They also care
for wounded Akimichi, and they are continually researching the body in
order to make more effective pills and other supplements.

Cooking Akimichi: Most Akimichi possess an appreciation for good food.
However, there are those whose appreciation leads them to become masters of
creating. These cooks create recipes that are well researched, and which
are mainly crafted in order to help the fighters of the clan. The meals are
very nutritious and filling for normal people and are balanced with all
things that should be existent in one's diet; the meals are also highly
energizing. It is due to the complete, filling nature of these meals that
the Akimichi are so large, for they need all those extra calories in order
to keep their Chakra levels stocked.

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