+news Akuu

Village: Custom

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)

Kekkei Genkai: Daisanseiryoku Transformations

The tale of this clan began with a man and woman in their mid-twenties,
from the area that would become the Village Hidden in Smoke. This couple
bore a child who had an open third eye on their forehead: a vertically
placed, very large, third eye. The man and woman, regardless, proudly
welcomed Kirin into the world, the first person ever to have a third eye
(or Daisanseiryoku, as it eventually became known).

Various abilities came with the Daisanseiryoku, and as the clan grew, so
did their prestige in the world. Decades later, however, when the clan was
just beginning to enter its prime, other clans began to grow a bit wary of
these abilities of the Akuu. They had begun to harness their third eye more
skillfully, and various villages and shinobi of other noteworthy families
began to voice their distrust. Eventually, tensions grew, and the
possessors of the Daisanseiryoku were banished after losing a bloody
battle. Only a handful of families survived, and those that did fled out
into the world, secretly raising their gifted children.

The Daisanseiryoku is usually awakened by its members when their life is
put in peril: the awakens to help them be saved. When it is awakened, it
grants the user new abilities, most of which can be refined with more
practice with the eye. Though the eye grants the user more clarity and
perception, the Daisanseiryoku also allows the user to fling an object with
an invisible force. Telekinesis.

Of course, there are severe limitations to this. The bigger the object
that is lifted, the more strain on not only the user's Chakra, but also the
eye itself. It's not uncommon for these eyes to start bleeding, or
sometimes to become completely useless (if they are used too much and not
rested). Furthermore, there are limitations as to what can be lifted: any
objects which are biological - humans, animals - cannot be affected at all.
It is, however, possible with this force for these ninja to, for
example,stop incoming shurikens.

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