+news Amaro

Village: Sunagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Taijutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)
Steel Cloth Style (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Steel Cloth Style

The Amaro shinobi family of Sunagakure trace their origins to the
wandering shinobi of the martial arts: Amaro Genki. The tale of Genki
begins with him wandering the Land of Wind for years and years,
ceaselessly. This changed, however, when he made a stop-over in a small
town in the Southwestern region of the Land of Wind.

This particular town had been suffering from problems with marauding
bandits. In-between raids, Genki had wandered into the village and become
taken with one of the community's seamstresses. A deal was struck with the
woman's father: in exchange for her hand in marriage, Genki would remain in
the town and protect it. Armed with only a silk scarf - a love token of his
wife-to-be - Genki drove off the thieves when they returned, splitting
their armor and weapons with this band of cloth. As good as his word, the
Taijutsu-master settled down in that dusty little town and had twelve
children. In order to fulfill his vow beyond his lifetime, Genki taught the
secrets of the Steel Cloth to his children, who in turn grew strong and
passed on those techniques.

By the time that the First Kazekage-To-Be (Sousa) had arrived in the Land
of Wind, the Amaro shinobi family had already grown strong, lead by an
ambition to traverse the shinobi world. The descendants of Genki had not
only taken well to the path of the shinobi, but had improved upon and
expanded the techniques that he had passed down. At first, the Amaro
thought to use Sousa's knowledge to gain the upper hand in their quarrels
and endeavors, but they soon found that Sousa wasn't as exclusive as they
would like. As the man's position in matters became more clear, the Amaro
sought to capture Sousa, or otherwise be rid of his meddling — all to no
avail. Their efforts, however, made them stronger and wiser. When the
Kazekage came to them with the offer of joining him as part of Sunagakure,
the Amaro were quick to refuse until Sousa pointed out their growth under
his tutelage — even as they fought him. With that, the elders of the Amaro
shinobi family voted to throw their lot in with Sousa and his Sunagakure.

Despite their relocation to Sunagakure, the Amaro still hold the town of
their origins close to their hearts. In fact, a week-long festival is held
there annually to honor their family's founder.

The Steel Cloth Style allows the user to harden special cloth to be as
study and sharp as a blade. Much like a blade, this cloth can block
projectiles, can be used as a weapon, and is as formidable as any steel.
The transition between fluid as cloth and solid as steel is seamless, but
can only performed only on special Chakra cloth.

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