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ANBU stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai ("Special Assassination and
Tactical Squad"). ANBU work directly under the leadership of each Village's
respective Kage. The specialized ANBU cells work in groups of four to five,
and are responsible for assassinations and missions requiring
highly-trained ninja. Members of ANBU squads always wear masks while on

On NarutoMUSH, the ANBU work as a top-secret intelligence agency. While
skill is important to ANBU members, a talented tactician or a master
manipulator might find themselves more at home with the ANBU than a ninja
who simply happens to be extremely powerful. Staying hidden and shaping
events from behind the scenes, funding another Village's war for a favored
outcome, or performing covert operations are ANBU-style maneuvers. As such,
the ANBU operate behind the scenes of the ninja world, and only the most
senior leadership of a Village know the particulars of ANBU missions.
Whilst normal ninja missions revolve around taking clients and making money
for the Village, the ANBU serve only for the will of the Kage. Wearing a
mask helps one put aside their identity (including morality). That is what
it means to be ANBU: being able to sometimes do dark and terrible things to
ensure that the Village will prosper.

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The ANBU have four ranks. Potential ANBU members are first recruited when
they reach the level of Chuunin. (Note: there is no application to become
ANBU — ANBU are simply chosen by other ANBU.) If an individual is chosen
to join ANBU, they are known as an ANBU Recruit. They will learn the basic
skills of the covert service (such as advanced stealth techniques), as well
as training in sabotage, interrogation, and assassination (amongst other

Once a Recruit proves themselves worthy, they are made an ANBU Operative.
Operatives are given access to advanced training, and they may learn
greater ANBU skills as well as higher-level techniques. Most importantly,
when a ninja becomes an ANBU Operative, they are awarded their Zodiac Mask,
which bears resemblance to a Zodiac animal of their choosing. The Operative
is also given ANBU armor, a standard sword, and a hooded cloak. ANBU is
mostly made up of Operatives.

The third rank of ANBU is the ANBU Officer, a Jounin-level leader of the
ANBU who answers to only two individuals: the Kage, and the ANBU Captain.
There is perhaps no secret that an ANBU Officer does not know, and - even
amongst ANBU - an Officer is a feared individual. Whilst others may succeed
to the rank, usually it is the most powerful and the most ruthless who live
long enough to serve as Officers. An ANBU Officer looks no different than
an ANBU Operative, but those within the organization know the difference.

The final rank is ANBU Captain, the leader of ANBU. Not much is known about
ANBU Captains, except that they are second to only the Kage.

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OOCly, ANBU members are expected to be proactive in their missions. While
there will be missions written for ANBU, it will primarily be up to the
ANBU players themselves to craft their own stories of double-dealing,
spying, and nefarious plots. Also, ANBU members - for the most part - spend
their time acting as if they are, in fact, not ANBU. ANBU are not known for
socializing (at least not while in gear and on duty), and thus must act as
their official Village rank from day to day. A Jounin, for instance, will
always have rank over a non-Jounin, no matter if the non-Jounin is ANBU or
not. Being ANBU does not give seniority to those who would otherwise not
have it. Being ANBU is not a license to put on a mask and armor, and run
around defying elders.

* ANBU Operatives have a standard sword (much like a normal ninja's kunai
and shuriken) which can be RPed for use. ANBU Operatives, however, may also
purchase an ANBU Katana - a High Weapon - the purchase of which is
represented by advanced ANBU weapon training, which simply makes the
standard sword especially deadly in the hands of the wielder.

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