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The Bingo Book is a book that contains all known information on every known
Missing-Nin, and also on exceptionally powerful shinobi. In every Hidden
Village, Jounin and ANBU members are given Bingo Books. Whereas Missing-Nin
listed in the Bingo Book are often hunted down and assassinated by members
of their own Village, the information on exceptionally powerful ninja is
usually used by ninja of other Villages, who - by providing proof of death,
or capture - may claim a bounty. It is worth nothing that are many versions
of the Bingo Book exist besides those distributed in the Hidden Villages.

On NarutoMUSH, our International Bingo Book can be found at The IBB provides
information on past and present wanted individuals. Don't be afraid to use
the information in the IBB to help provide material for missions. Remember,
this information would usually be known by many ninja, so don't be shy in
using it to help fuel your RP.

Note: while not necessarily a bad thing, having one's character placed in
the Bingo Book means that the character is considered dangerous enough that
others are willing to provide a bounty for their death or capture. Being in
the Bingo Book is not considered, ICly, a badge of honor. Please consider
your actions carefully before doing something that could land you in the
Bingo Book.

* NPCs and PCs alike may be included in the Bingo Book, as well as aliases
and code-names for those individuals.

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