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Byakugan is the Hyuga clan's Kekkei Genkai: a Dojutsu which enables them to
see nearly 360 degrees around, amongst other things. A Hyuga clan member
can also see Chakra (which is normally invisible); they can see through
Genjutsu, and physical objects; and they have vastly improved visual
perception. Although there is only one Byakugan ability demonstrated in the
canon, there are four levels of Byakugan mastery on NarutoMUSH.

* Byakugan TFs cost the same as normal TFs (see +news skillcosts) with the
exception of the first level of Byakugan, which Hyuga clan members
automatically gain upon joining the clan.

Level 1: D-rank (+transform/show byakugan-i)
The most basic form of Byakugan, this level allows the Hyuga member to see
through objects; see Tenketsu (Chakra points); see through (but not
automatically prevent or defend against) Genjutsu; and more easily read the
body language of others.

Level 2: C-rank (+transform/show byakugan-ii)
This level increases the general alertness of a Hyuga member, allowing for
a greater degree of penetrating vision and detection. For example, a Hyuga
with Level 2 Byakugan active can count every leaf on a tree, or every bird
in a flock. This creates an in-depth understanding of one's targets and

Level 3: B-rank (+transform/show byakugan-iii)
At this level, the Byakugan has advanced to the ability to detect almost
every single target in an individual's sensing range, including very small
ones (such as insects). The range of direct sight is also vastly improved,
allowing an individual to see hundreds of yards ahead.

Level 4: A-rank (+transform/show byakugan-iv)
The ultimate mastery of the Byakugan. This level permits the Hyuga member
to expel Chakra from their body, that they may detect attacks directed at
blind spots, and the individual may even divert attacks away from that
blind spot by exerting pressure on the attack or attacker. This level
engenders a tremendous amount of sensory awareness.

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