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Chakra is simply Stamina that is ready to use for things which require a
specific level of energy. Most of the time, your body stores Chakra energy
as Stamina. You can convert this resting energy (Stamina) into Chakra
through +focus (for example, +focus 2000 will convert 2000 Stamina into
2000 Chakra). If you run out of Chakra, there are no ill effects other than
the fact that you won't be able to use any abilities that require Chakra.
Being low on Chakra has no IC effect besides the aforementioned.

* Both Stamina and Chakra will return to baseline levels a few RL hours
in-between +joinrp sessions. This allows you to participate in RP that
might take place days apart ICly. Please do not abuse this reset, and do
not assume that so long as you are back at full, it would only take an hour
or so to fully recover your Stamina. Use common sense.

Note: a character's max Chakra score is calculated as follows: (Nin + Gen +
Tai + Int + Seal + Pow + Spd + Sta + Sta) x 250. A character's base Chakra
score is calculated as follows: (Nin + Gen + Int + Seal) x 50.

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