Chakra Gates

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The Eight Chakra Gates represent specific points on a person's Chakra
pathway system. In essence, the Chakra Gates limit the flow of Chakra
through a person's body, that though the body is weaker, it is kept from
expiring prematurely. By opening the Chakra Gates, a user can surpass their
physical limits, though at the cost of extreme damage to their own bodies.

On NarutoMUSH, Chakra Gates are handled as unique Transformations (TFs).
When a specific Chakra Gate is acquired, it also sometimes allows the user
to perform unique Attacks or Defenses. For example, purchasing Initial Gate
allows the user to apply for Front Lotus (+attack/show front-lotus).

Note: Chakra Gate users who unlock these unique Attacks and Defenses must
apply for them as like normal skills (+news premadeapp, or +news skillapplication).

(Continued in +news chakragates2.)

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+news ChakraGates2

Chakra Gates:

Initial Gate — Gate of Opening — C-rank — 4 XP & 4 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-opening)
Located in the brain. Removes the restraints of the brain. Unlocking this
Gate allows the user to perform Front Lotus.

Second Gate — Gate of Healing — C-rank+ — 1 XP & 1 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-healing)
Located in the brain. Forcibly increases a user's physical strength.
(Note: at this Gate, you may apply for regenerations (beginning with Minor
Regeneration) up to Medium Regeneration. You must be in the Gate of Healing
TF or higher to use any of the regeneration techniques.)

Third Gate — Gate of Life — B-rank — 3 XP & 3 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-life)
Located on the spinal cord. Unlocking this Gate gives the user great
Stamina. Allows the user to perform the Reverse Lotus.

Fourth Gate — Gate of Pain — B-rank+ — 1 XP & 1 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-pain)
Located in the spinal cord. Increases the user's Speed and Power.

Fifth Gate — Gate of Limit — A-rank — 3 XP & 3 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-limit)
Located in the abdomen. Greatly increases a user's physical abilities.

Sixth Gate — Gate of View — A-rank+ — 1 XP & 1 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-view)
Located in the stomach. Opening this Gate releases a surge of Chakra.
Allows the user to perform Morning Peacock.

Seventh Gate — Gate of Wonder — S-rank — 10 XP & 10 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-wonder)
Located below the stomach. Massive increases to the user's physical
abilities, but may destroy their muscles and burn out their Chakra pathway
system. Allows the user to perform Eternal Chaotic Dance.

Eighth Gate — Gate of Death — Restricted — 1 XP & 1 PP
(+transform/show gate-of-death)
Located in the heart. Opening this Gate uses all of the body's energy. The
heart pumps at maximum power, and exceeds the power of every other gate.
Opening this Gate will kill you.

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