Chat Rules

+news ChatRules

The chat system is for everyone to talk together in a friendly and relaxed
atmosphere. Foul language is prohibited on most channels, and respect for
other players (see +news playerrights) must be maintained at all times. The
staff are able and have the right to ban individuals - temporarily or
permanently - from using any and all chat channels, or to use other
punishments for chat-related offenses.

The rules concerning language and content are more relaxed on the channels
named Adult and Chat. The requirement for player respect is still in full
force on these channels.

To see a list of chat channels available to you, @chan/list. See help @chan
for directions on joining, leaving, and temporarily gagging chat channels.

* Discussion of anything that could be considered spoilers (occurrences in
the canon series, unique techniques, etc.) is restricted to the Spoilers
channel. (Note: anything from the original series (pre-Shippuden) is no
longer considered a spoiler, as it is assumed that most everyone in a
Naruto-themed RP community will at least have a general idea of those
events by now.)

All channels are considered places of public discussion in which anyone can
join any ongoing conversation. If you wish to converse only with a specific
individual or group of inviduals, use pages (page Nunchuck=Hi! or some

See Also:
+news rules
+news playerrights

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