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Chuunin ("middle ninja") are ninja who have been promoted from Genin, and
who are qualified to watch over and guide other ninja. Chuunin are ninja
who have reached a high level of maturity, and who have good leadership
skills and tactical prowess. Some Chuunin function as Academy teachers,
whilst others serve as team leaders, or are sempai ("upperclassmen") in
their own team. Chuunin are typically sent on C-rank and B-rank missions.

When promoted to Chuunin, a ninja is given an identifying flak jacket,
which can hold scrolls and other useful ninja tools (though wearing the
jacket is not mandatory).

To be promoted above the rank of Chuunin, a character must show themselves
to be leaders, both ICly and OOCly. You will need to have run missions;
have written, organized, and run Campaigns; and, generally, have helped
drive RP. For more details on being promoted, please see +news icpromotions.

* Chuunin start with two free D-rank techniques, one free C-rank technique,
one free Starting Style, the skills of Tree Walking and Water Walking, and
a score of 5 in every stat (for a total of 40 points: Stat Tier 2). There
are no penalties for being a Chuunin.

(Note: if a player has a Chuunin-level character already, they may not
create an alt which is also Chuunin-level; all new alts would have to be
Genin-level or below. If a player's characters ICly advance to Chuunin,
there is no limit to the number of characters which may be Chuunin; the
aforementioned rule applies only to new alts being created.)

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