Clan Heads

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The main responsibilities of a Clan Head are to help the growth of their
clan, govern their clan, and to advise - as a secondary political authority
- a Village's ruling council and Kage.

Clan Heads, within their own clans, have supreme authority. Within their
respective Village, they are (depending on the power and seniority of the
clan) equal with other Clan Heads, but below the authority of a Village's
ruling council and Kage.

Within their particular clan, Clan Heads are the highest-ranking official,
and should be treated with such respect. Amongst their Village, their
renown is often well-known. The current Clan Heads are: +news clanheads2.

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+news ClanHeads2

(Note: all listings of NPC are open be applied for (either through CharGen
or IC RP). Clan Heads operate as FCs - regardless of how status was gained
- and thereby have the FC requirement of participating in two meaningful
scenes, or one meaningful and two not-so-meaningful scenes, per month.)

Senju: Tobiramako
Uchiha: Naru
Hyuga: Miu
Inuzuka: Taiki
Akimichi: Noab
Sarutobi: Kazuo
Aburame: NPC
Nara: NPC
Yamanaka: NPC
Satonezu: NPC

Murasame: NPC
Kamizuru: NPC
Toujitakumi: NPC

Sasaki: NPC
Hayato: NPC
Shippodoku: NPC
Iga: NPC
Amaro: NPC
Miira: NPC

Reizei: NPC
Saito: NPC
Yamayuki: NPC
Yotsuki: NPC

Kaguya: Takeshi
Touketsu: NPC
Shirayuki: NPC
Okumo: NPC
Hozuki: NPC
Koumorite: NPC
Shimizu: NPC

Kemenoken: NPC (2)
Tenjin: NPC (2)
Watanabe: NPC
Maneshi: NPC
Rankoro: NPC
Kuroyari: NPC
Gansaku: NPC
Uzumaki: N/A
Puppeteers: N/A
Medic Nin: N/A

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