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Passive Conflict Resolution

When you have a conflict with another Player on the MUSH, you should:

1. Handle it privately, between yourselves, like the mature adults you're
supposed to be. Either talk it out, agree to disagree, or agree to avoid each
other from now on. Time and distance can often bring you around to a clearer
2. Inform the staff if the conflict involves a violation of mush policy
(@mail +staff).
3. Consult a Staffer, if the conflict involves disagreement on an IC matter.

If the conflict becomes a public issue, through arguing on the channels or in
a larger group, expect that a Staffer will intervene with a disciplinary

When you have a conflict with a Staffer on the MUSH, you should:

1. Try to settle the matter privately, between the Staffer and yourself, like
the mature adults you're supposed to be. If you cannot resolve the situation
on your own, then please contact staff (feel free to @mail +staff)
2. If your conflict is with Clary and you can't work it out, you've basically
reached the top of the ladder. The best thing to do is let the issue rest for
a few days, and afterwards, if no satisfactory resolution can be found,
decide whether you will remain on the MUSH.

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