Conflict Resolution System

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Conflict/Competition Resolution System Additional

This system is designed to allow for much quicker combat against multiple
'generic' foes, while still retaining some structure. This system is entirely
optional, and you are in no way obligated to use it. I offer it here as a
system for those of us who enjoy some element of randomness and chance in any
combat. If you prefer or are more comfortable with freeform combat, then by
all means, continue as you were. That said, allow us to introduce you to

Extras (to borrow the term from the film industry) are faceless generic
actors in a drama, who exist basically to add population density and, in this
case, basically get clobbered. Any time you want to send your team or group
through a horde of angry villagers, or a battalion of moderately trained
mercenaries without names, you're basically calling on extras. This system
will allow for moving through these sorts of combat scenarios with just a few
quick rolls, thus not slowing things down too much, while still adding some

To impliment combat against these 'extras' used by the NPCEmitter or team
leader might create and use, a new CRS system has been created. Below are the
three commands used in the new system. You must be in the +order to use these

+rpattack <jutsu> - This functions just like +attack <name>=<jutsu> now, but
it allows you to not supply a person you are hitting.

+rpdefend <jutsu> - This allows you to roll a defense even though no attack
is coming your way.

+rpwound <number> - This deducts the supplied number from your health.

Example: Unnamed badguy attacks Reality with two kunai that Reality's squad
leader states requires a 80 roll to avoid each one. Reality does a +rpdefend
dodge twice. The first time Reality rolls a 82. The second time, 76. This
means Reality dodged the first kunai but not the second one. Reality's squad
leader tells him that causes 500 damage so Reality does +rpwound 500. Reality
then poses dodging the first and getting hit with the second. Reality decides
to stance and then throw lightning at the badguy. +rpattack lightning bolt
rolls a 102. The squad leader then RP's the effect.

Note 1: These RP rolls do take away your chakra, health, and stamina as they
would in an actual combat against another player.

Note 2: Since you are in order, you may +heal and +cure each other. This also
means that you can +stance and +transform.

Warning: Do NOT use this to see how your attacks and defenses roll. It is for
RP purposes only not to test drive your new jutsu. If you want to see how
well you roll, then get into a combat with someone else. The code does alert
the staff whenever it is used. Anyone seen using the code improperly will be
heavily punished via chakra, stamina, health and/or xp deduction.

See +news crs2 for more systems

+news CRS2

We have had succesful run with the +roll system, therefore this system is
officially part of the game structure.

The syntax of which is +roll/<stat>, ex +roll/int for instance

This system is used expand our system to make room for some more hard and
fast conflict resolution. While this system will be by no means obligatory
for every scene, or every contest, it is a system which is endorsed by the
staff, and may be called upon by both plot staff and npc emitters, as well as
any player who wants to use it. The system is essentially a contested roll
system like many tabletop games you may have played; each player rolls their
relevant stat, and adds to it a modifier if applicable (we'll get to that in
a minute). We will detail here a few rolls which I think might be common,
though this is by NO means a comprehensive list, and many contests can be
resolved with common sense, such as arm wrestling, which would probably be
resolved by opposed strength rolls.

Thief's Spd vs Victim's Int

Sprinting: Spd vs Spd
Distance Running: Sta vs Sta, etc

Pow or Int vs Pow or Int

+skills are abilities which can modify your contested rolls to enhance
certain tasks. For example, the hiding mist technique is a skill which would
enhance the sneaker's roll, while the Inuzuka heightened sense ability would
be a skill that enhances in detection. While the staff will be working on
adding notations to +skills for specific rolls they might engender, a general
system for using skills is:

E Ranked Skills (like Henge) would add +1 to rolls.
D Ranked Skills would add +2 to rolls.
C Ranked Skills would add +3 to rolls.
B Ranked Skills would add +4 to rolls.
A Ranked Skills would add +5 to rolls.
S Ranked Skills would add +7 to rolls.

So for instance, a genin wants to see how well he does at a throwing ring
game at a carnival. He rolls for throwing (+roll/tai). If that a chuunin had
a C rank kunai technique he was showing that genin, he would use the same
(+roll/tai) But in this case the result of the roll gets +3 added to it.


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