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Village Relations (other than Neutral)
Sunagakure & Kirigakure: Allied
Kumogakure & Konohagakure: Friendly
Kirigakure & Konohagakure: Tense

* The Silk Conflict (+bbread 11/34)
* Chuunin Exams (+bbread 12/30)
* Tragedy Among Joy (+bbread 13/16)

Hokage: Hashiramako
Kazekage: Sousa
Mizukage: Yuge
Tsuchikage: Ichike
Raikage: None

Samehada: Aoitsuki
Kubikiribocho: Yuuka
Nuibari: None
Shibuki: Isra
Kabutowari: Yoma
Kiba: Yoichi
Hiramekarei: Ishino

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