+news Damage

Note: the following examples and conditions and considerations are not
concrete rules — they are guidelines.

Damage is - quite simply - the harm against your body. There are many forms
of damage, but they all boil down to how much it hurts, and what that means
for your character's body. It's important to note that on NarutoMUSH,
though damage is classified numerically, the way in which you are damaged
plays an important role in how your character responds to an attack. For

-Ninja Bob stabs Ninja Tom in the foot with a nail 50 times. Ninja Tom
takes 100 damage per strike, for a total of 5000 damage.

-Ninja Tom runs over Ninja Bob with a steamroller. Ninja Bob takes 5000
damage in a single strike.

Of these two situations, there is a clear difference in the way the damage
was administered, but not in the numerical value of the damage. Ninja Tom,
being stabbed in the foot repeatedly, may require amputation of his foot,
but he'd otherwise be fine. Ninja Bob, being run over with a steamroller,
might actually be dead, though - if not - he'd need to be in a full body
cast for months (to say the least). Again, though both players were equally
numerically damaged, the way in which they were damaged drastically alters
the outcome of the damage.

* An important consideration in equating the worth of damage is your
maximum Health, and the damage done per strike. If you take a hit of 2000
damage, and you have 10000 Health, that's 20% of your Health lost in a
single strike. That is going to be more serious then two attacks which deal
1000 damage each (like the above example of Ninja Bob and Ninja Tom).

(Continued in +news damage2.)

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+news Damage2

Damage Conditions:

Excellent Condition — You are in perfect health, with only perhaps a few
scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious. Most people live day-to-day in this
condition. There are no negative effects to this condition.

Good Condition — Non-threatening, though painful, injuries. Most shinobi in
this condition are perfectly capable of continuing a battle. At its worst, it
means a single hefty blow, which may cut you badly, or knock the wind out of
you, or lightly concuss you. That is to say: wounds that would somewhat hurt,
but would not be terrible or life-threatening.

Average Condition — Multiple contusions, bruised bones, bleeding cuts, or
other injuries that will take some time to heal. Shinobi can continue to
fight without slowing down in this condition, but after the fight they'll be
feeling it.

Several Wounds Condition — Broken bones, fractures, deep punctures, or heavy
concussing. Shinobi in this condition - being so trained - are able to fight
through the pain, but pain there is. At its worst, this means bad bone
breaks, severe burns, heavy cuts to vital areas, or severe trauma. This
condition can be life-threatening if a ninja was brought to this condition by
means of a single blow.

Badly Injured Condition — This is full-body bruising, myriad cuts over much
of the body, large-area burns, multiple bone-breaks, ruptured or pierced
organs. A shinobi in this condition is not able to continue fighting for much
longer. If a single attack brought a ninja to this condition, then
unconsciousness or helplessness may be induced by that trauma (RP value only).

Awful Condition — Hanging on to consciousness by a thread. Only the
unusually strong (or suicidal) can continue fighting in this state, and often
only under the effects of a Transformation which would force or help them to
continue the fight. A shinobi's body will fail soon at this point.

Near Death — Without immediate medical attention, a shinobi in this
condition will die. This condition implies body failure. Death is almost

Dead — No explanation necessary. You'll know it when it happens.

* Please remember: these are only guidelines. There will be exceptions, and
not everything will play out exactly as it's stated above. This +news file is
only to help you RP damage appropriately. More simply: this +news file is to
help characters be reasonable when it comes to damage.

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