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As we all know (or will come to know), death exists in the realm of Naruto.
Unfortunately, on NarutoMUSH, there no life after death, or a silver cloud
which will carry you back to the grid after you've died. Once your
character dies, we have a funeral, and life goes on. Death is judged
according to IC situations, and/or your Health.

When your Health reaches zero, your character - in most instances - will
end up in a coma, and will have to spend some time in the hospital.
However, there are certain IC actions will may lead to actual death. For
example, facing someone overly powerful, by yourself, can potentially end
in your death. If death is a potential outcome in a scene, we encourage you
to discuss the potential results of the scene BEFORE the scene takes place.
This way, everyone involved understands what they're getting into.
Remember, In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences (ICA = ICC).
Sometimes, you may be able to leave the scene with heavy injuries; but,
other times, your character may have to die due to their being no realistic
way to avoid death.

If you lose your character due to death, you will be allowed to create a
new character, and may transfer from 25% to 75% of your old character's
Total XP to the new character. The exact amount depends on several factors,
but the general rule is: the more epic the death, and the more it serves
the storyline of the game, and the more sense it makes, the higher the
bonus. It should be noted that while a death which occurs due to stupidity
will probably get the minimum amount of XP, as will simply asking that a
character be nuked with no death plot at all or not logging a character in
for so long that they are idle-nuked.

The XP transferred to your character is placed in both Total XP and
Available XP, which means it will be applied to Available Stat Points, and
can also be used to apply for skills. Any unspent PP on your old character
is transferred as-is to the new character, unless the old character had no
satisfactory death plot, in which case the PP is lost.

(Continued in +news death2.)

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+news Death2

(There is also something we should note regarding MUSH-wide events and
death. When you participate in MUSH-wide events, there is a risk of dying.
Plot Staff usually only allow a character to die in a MUSH-wide event if
the character does something which would guarantee their death. Simply put:
if your character does something so utterly idiotic that it would result in
death, you are probably going to die, with or without your consent. The
Staff thus suggests to abstain from doing such stupid things. You might get
hurt, or put into a coma, or some other such, but killing characters
doesn't make for as good of stories as having characters face adversity and

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