Experience Points

+news ExperiencePoints

Characters on NarutoMUSH require experience points (XP) to acquire skills,
transformations, summons, styles, etc. (Specific costs can be seen in +news
skillcosts.) There are two ways for a player to acquire XP.

First way: scenes. At the END of a scene, players +vote for each other. It
does not matter how many people vote for you when you're in a scene, for
the game system only tracks that you got votes for a scene, not how many
votes you got. If you leave a scene before it ends, please leave voting to the
remaining players; it only takes two players to vote for everyone who took
part in a given scene. In any given week, you can get credit for participating in
up to six scenes (that would be six votes). You receive one XP for every
two scenes you participate in (every two votes you get). However, votes do
carry over from week to week, so if you only get one vote in a week, it
will carry over into the next. Additional votes also carry over, up to four
additional votes in a week, so you may have a maximum of 10 votes in any
given week.

Second way: missions and logs. If you run a mission, or are part of a
mission, and submit a log (+news logs), the Log Reviewer can dole out one
to three XP for each character participating in the mission. The number of
XP awarded depends on the quality of your RP. If you also have a social
scene (a non-mission) that is of worth - character arc progression,
character discoveries, plot furthering, etc. - please feel free to submit
that too. Social scenes do not automatically gain XP, but it doesn't hurt
to try. Note: you will only receive XP for one log a week (the one the Log
Reviewer judges to be the best).

Prestige Points - In addition to normal XP, characters may also earn
Prestige Points (PP), which are used for special skills, additional styles,
transformations, etc. Prestige Points are earned only by pVotes. Every time
you earn XP from a submitted log, you will also earn pVotes. The number of
pVotes earned from a log is equal to the number of XP earned from that same
log (for example, if you earn two XP for a good-quality log, you will also
earn two pVotes). Additionally, pVotes may be earned through completion of
your character's Wiki page (+news wiki). Four pVotes equal one PP.

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