False Immortals

+news False_Immortals

Village: Custom

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
False Immortality (Skill)
+2 Stamina (Stat)

(Note: the available membership of this clan is restricted. There will
never be more than a few False Immortals on the grid. You must @mail
Gilgamesh regarding your want to become a False Immortal BEFORE applying
for a character. Staff will contact you regarding their decision. Please be
patient: sometimes, this can take a while.)

There are many false paths to immortality. One false path in particular is
called Preservation Jutsu. It comes in a variety of forms, each one unique
to the ninja who created it. The technique is never shared with anyone
else, and may even be destroyed once it has successfully been used on its
creator. In essence, the Preservation Jutsu will render the body of a
living person immune to age and death via some natural causes — but only
if certain requirements are upheld. Perhaps one's body gradually decays
over time and cannot be sustained permanently, requiring one to change
bodies occasionally. Perhaps one can only remain immortal as long as one
regularly kills others, perhaps even in a specific ritual. Perhaps one is
not truly immortal as most would consider it, but is closer to undead, and
is thus susceptible to decay if replacement flesh and/or Chakra is not
obtained. All of those were examples of False Immortality and its
requirements for sustainment.

The main benefit to Preservation Jutsu, other than a lack of aging under
most circumstances, is that the individual is far less vulnerable to death
by strikes to vital organs. He or she can still feel pain if stabbed in the
stomach, can still be made to suffer whatever complications might arise
from poison, or to feel the suffocation from having a lung punctured. The
False Immortal, however, simply will not die easily from such things. This
may leave time to receive medical attention, or he or she may just be stuck
with the injury more or less permanently. There are no special healing
properties inherent to the Preservation Jutsu, though some methods of False
Immortality may include regeneration.

It is important to note that being a False Immortal does not grant special
abilities other than what has been described. However, because the methods
of obtaining this False Immortality vary so greatly (and the Preservation
Jutsu makes the body better able to survive extreme harm), it is fully
possibly that an experienced False Immortal will have modified or enhanced
themselves somehow, in order to capitalize on their predilections. Such
modifications could be regeneration; replacing parts of the body with
artificial materials; incorporating body parts from other people; even
stealing a new body completely. Canonical examples of False Immortals
include Orochimaru and Hidan, and may be extended to Kakuzu.

False Immortals have only a few special abilities generally inherent to
them. Most other abilities or techniques are obtained or learned over the
course of their long lives. Firstly, they do not easily die from wounds to
the body. Second, False Immortals usually breathe about 70% less than
normal humans on average. However, False Immortals must eat and drink
regularly, the same as any other human being: False Immortals do feel
hunger and thirst still.

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