FC Application

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This application is for Feature Characters (FCs) which may be applied for.
Those include Council Members, Clan Heads, the Seven Swordsmen, etc. (See
+news featurecharacters for more information.)

Features Characters which may NOT be applied for are: Kage, and
Jinchuuriki. These FCs are picked by Staff.

* When finished, please @mail Gilgamesh with this completed application.

Feature Character Application:

1. Character Name, and Position Applying For:

2. What are the weaknesses of your character's personality?

3. What are the strengths of your character's personality?

4. What are the weaknesses of your character's aptitudes (i.e. skills)?

5. What are the strengths of your character's aptitudes (i.e. skills)?

6. What are your character's dislikes?

7. What are your character's hobbies, or likes?

(Continued in +news fcapplication2.)

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8. What are your character's goals?

9. How educated is your character, and in what areas does your character
excel (this refers to non-shinobi education, such as medicinal arts,
leather crafting, blacksmithing, geography, history, etc.)?

10. Where does your character have residence (be it inside a Village, or a
town, or in the wild)? What possessions does your character own?

11. Which clan(s)/Village(s) does your character feel the greatest
antipathy towards? Which clan(s)/Village(s) does your character feel the
greatest empathy towards?

12. If your character could change anything about their own clan, what
would it be?

13. What are your character's political leanings?

14. What are your character's stances on Village matters (education,
rights, discipline, military activity, etc.)?

15. Create a background of your character's life. Including how their life
started. Their life leading up to now. And all the important events that
shaped them into what they are today.

16. Why do you OOCly deserve a character in a strong leadership position?

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