FC Starting

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If you decide to apply for an FC as a new character (starting from
CharGen), your character will receive certain FC benefits.

* 54 Total Stats (does not include Clan Bonuses, or Merits & Flaws)

* Three free D-rank techniques

* Three free C-rank techniques

* One free B-rank technique

* One free A-rank technique

* Genjutsu Kai OR Self-Inflict II

* Tree Walking and Water Walking

* One free C-rank TF and one free D-rank TF OR one free C-rank TF which
begins as a chain at C-rank (such as Sharingan, Eight Gates, etc.)

* Five free Starting Styles

* Two RP Skills (RP flavoring: does not influence combat, Jutsu, or

Nothing listed above counts against Clan Bonuses, Merits & Flaws, or
CharGen-purchased skills.

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