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On NarutoMUSH, Feature Characters (FCs) are considered those who hold great influence within their respective Village. These are the Council Members of Sunagakure, the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure, the Clan Heads of a Village, etc. They are also Kages, and Jinchuuriki.

While it is possible to play an FC from the series, it is highly unlikely, considering that NarutoMUSH takes place long before most canon characters were even born, and also that NarutoMUSH does not follow the exact path of the canon. It is more likely for a character to inhabit a Feature Character position (of Council Member, Seven Swordsman, etc.) without having to necessarily be Granny Chiyo or Zabuza Momochi.

Note: Kage and Jinchuuriki are NOT able to be applied for. These FCs are chosen by Staff. All other FC positions, however, may be applied for (+news fcapplication).

Established players may apply for FC positions for existing characters, or for new characters (see +news fcstarting for more information). If granted an FC, a character must demonstrate their ability to be regularly active, both ICly and OOCly. These scenes must be submitted for posting to the wiki to count (see +news Logs).

* FCs are required to participate in at least two meaningful (mission, plot-related, etc.) scenes, or one meaningful scene and two not-so-meaningful scenes, per month.

If a character is found to be lacking in their FC duties, their title may be stripped, or they may be forced into an NPC bit, or they may lose any special abilities or perks dependent on being the FC (for example, a Seven Swordsman losing their sword).

That all being said, if your character would still like the opportunity to greatly mold the history of NarutoMUSH, take a look at +news fcapplication for how to apply for an FC position. Note: BEFORE you apply for an FC position, make sure to speak to your Kage about your want to become an FC.

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