+news Flaws

No Basic Skills
No Basic Starting Skills
- Does not get Clone Technique, Replacement Technique, Escape, Genjutsu
Perception, Stealth, or Henge. All of these may be acquired later. This flaw
is not available to Chuunin-level starting characters.

Erratic Chakra
Significantly higher Chakra costs to skills that use Chakra, and inefficient
results of the +focus command.
- This means that your chakra abilities are less than average, leading your
character to expend more chakra when using chakra-related skills.

Diminished Speed
Spd -1

Diminished Power
Pow -1

Diminished Intelligence
Int -1

Diminished Seals
Seal -1

Diminished Stamina
Sta -1

Diminished Ninjutsu
Nin -1

Diminished Taijutsu
Tai -1

Diminished Genjutsu
Gen -1

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