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A single generation ago, Fuuma Alley was a place of dust and nothingness.
The Alley served as the ancestral home to an unimpressive ninja clan: the
Fuuma. The Fuuma had fallen out of favor with the Daimyo of the Land of
Rice Fields, and, as a result, they became bandits and thieves, using their
rapidly dwindling power to prey upon those without the means of ninja skill.

In the past years, however, the Fuuma - and their home - have changed
dramatically. The Fuuma somehow came upon a strange power which granted
them the ability to transform themselves into monstrous things of
tremendous might. Yet instead of using this newfound power to re-embrace
the shinobi world, the Fuuma retained their clan's present path and fully
claimed themselves as criminals.

In recent times, the power wielded by the Fuuma has allowed them to dwarf
the Daimyo in influence, and they have since seized control of local
resources: hidden veins of impressive minerals. This, in turn, has
transformed the minuscule Fuuma Alley into a burgeoning metropolis.

Now, this crime-ridden city infamously exists as a pleasure-den for the
brutal and brave. The sky above Fuuma Alley, so darkened by the constant
streams of black smoke rolling forth from the mining smokestacks, is
forever night. But illumination there is, emanating from the innumerable
neon signs which abundantly litter the city, offering every entertainment
known to man. Of course, within the city roam countless gangs, ruling the
streets in ever-escalating battles of power.

Traveler be warned: Fuuma Alley is but for the brave. And the foolish.

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