+news Gansaku

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 INT or +1 SPD (stat)
True Henge (skill)
Doppleganger Taijutsu (skill)

Kekkei Genkai: True Henge

Hidenjutsu: Doppleganger Taijutsu


The Gansaku clan was never especially famous, always being a secretive clan
that tended to flee from danger rather than join in combat. Throughout
history, the clan was only well known for working with important individuals,
using their unique talent for changing their physical features to work as
body doubles for politicians, daimyos, and on occasion other Ninja.

Upon the onset of the clan wars, the Gansaku all but disappeared from the
pages of history altogether, disappearing from their small village homes and
scattering, using their skills and blending in to hide out among civilian
populations. No Gansaku took part in the Clan wars, preferring their peace
and privacy over the bloody battles that other clans participated in.

On occasion, the Gansaku turned up in various villages, only to be gone again
soon after being discovered. In some cases, there were entire villages that
suddenly emptied, seemingly overnight when a single Gansaku was discovered,
suggesting that the elusive clan created new Gansaku villages around the
world to accomodate their lifestyle.

Continued in +news Gansaku2

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+news Gansaku2


True Henge
Like the normal henge, True Henge is used to change one's appearance. Unlike
henge, True Henge is a physical change, using a small amount of chakra to
manipulate the position of major muscle groups and bone structure within the
body by minute amounts, just enough to change the overall appearance of the
user and keep it that way. Unlike the users of other bone, or flesh based
Kekkei Genkai, the skill does not have combat applications, and only allows
the user to hide by changing their appearance.

Doppleganger Taijutsu
One of the major things taught to members of the Gansaku clan is the ability
to mimic the movements of others. The Gansaku study their subject closely,
for fairly long periods of time, and learn their nervous ticks, their habits,
and the unique movements of their bodies. By the same effect, the Gansaku
learns to use very similar physical combat styles as their subjects. The
abilities are never exactly the same since the Gansaku is not formally
trained in their use, but to someone not trying to see the flaws, or not
intimately familiar with the style that the Gansaku is faking, it tends to be
very convincing.

A Gansaku using Doppleganger Taijutsu may use basic Taijutsu attacks and
defenses in a fight posed in such a manner as if they are duplicating
taijutsu moves that have been seen. Furthermore, a Gansaku may use
Doppleganger Taijutsu to apply for Taijutsu attacks and defenses that use
different styles, provided that they have spent time studying somebody using
that Taijutsu. This is not Sharingan, merely seeing a technique being used
once isn't enough to copy it. And, Doppleganger Taijutsu doesn't allow the
copying of Taijutsu that uses Kekkei Genkai or Hiden Jutsu - for example, no
amount of watching a Kaguya will let a Gansaku use Shikotsumyaku, and
likewise studying a Akimichi will not give a Gansaku insight into how to use
the Multi Size Techniques. Similarly, elemental taijutsu requires the
elemental affinity and learning the actual elemental taijutsu style.

A character with Doppleganger Taijutsu can use these taijutsu of different
styles to count as prerequisites for applying for higher ranked techniques.
For example, a character with Doppleganger Taijutsu may have the D rank
techniques Physical II and Dodge II, and if they study a user of Strong Fist,
this would let them apply for Leaf Gale as well. With these three D ranks
mastered, they might later study a Kenjutsu user, and the Gansaku would be
able to apply for Sword Strike III as a C rank, using their D ranks from
different styles to fill the roles of the prerequisite techniques.

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