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Hand seals are as important to a ninja as Chakra. The main function of hand
seals is to activate a technique, and to properly release the gathered
Chakra. If a hand seal is not performed correctly, the Chakra will be
released incorrectly, and a different effect from the one intended will
occur (most likely in the form of the Jutsu failing).

Nearly all Genjutsu and Ninjutsu techniques need hand seals in order for
the technique to be executed properly, but most Taijutsu techniques do not
require hand seals because the techniques usually do not not require Chakra.

Note: with advanced training, a ninja may be able to limit the number of
hand seals required for a specific technique. Knowledge of a single A-rank
technique in a particular Style allows the ninja to use less hand seals
than usually required to perform the technique. Knowledge of several A-rank
techniques in a particular Style allows the ninja to use a single hand seal
to perform the techniques.

* Hand seals are represented as animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Thus,
there are twelve hand seals.


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