+news Harassment

The Staff of NarutoMUSH have the final word when it comes to what
constitutes harassment, in the interest of making the game as pleasant for
everyone as possible. The following list is a guideline for what is
considered harassment, but it is by no means a complete list.

* Any insult that is directed at a demographic group (ethnicity, gender,
sexual orientation, religion, etc.), in private or on channel, is

* Continually paging someone ("page-bombing"), threatening, or otherwise
not leaving someone alone after they have asked you to cease is harassment.

* Entering private areas after being asked to stay out is harassment.

If someone is harassing you, please bring the harassment to the attention
of Staff. If the harassment is egregious, or continual, it constitutes
grounds for immediate banning.

(Continued in +news harassment2.)

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+news Harassment2

If you do happen to receive harassing pages or @mails, you may opt to
request that the offender cease, or you may ignore them completely (but
please always notify Staff of the harassment). To ignore them, here are
some helpful commands:

Page-locking an individual effectively keeps that character from paging
you: @lock/page me=!*Character'sName

Page-locking an individual and all objects they own: @lock/page

@mail-locking an individual: @lock/mail me=!*Character'sName

Preventing ANYONE from being able to page you: @set me=HAVEN

Note: if you retaliate to a harasser in an equally inflammatory manner, you
will be considered a harasser as well.

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(Updated by Nunchuk on: Sun Aug 12 21:56:36 2012)


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