+news Hayato

Village: Sunagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Falcon (Custom D-rank Transformation)
Hayato Senses (Defense)

Kekkei Genkai: Hayato Senses

Elusive and enigmatic, the ancient Hayato clan of the Land of Wind were
the last family to join Sunagakure. Nomadic desert tribesmen, the Hayato
have existed for centuries in the vast expanse of barren dunes far to the
west of Sunagakure. Owing to the isolated and inhospitable landscape which
they call home, the Hayato have developed a unique and highly developed
culture apart from the rest of the world.

The Hayato divide themselves in a number of ways, but the two primary
stratifications are tribe and class. Life in the depths of the desert is
focused primarily around the small pockets of life which spring up around
oases. These oases form the center of social life within the Hayato clan,
who have mapped out the better part of the entire western desert in a
constant quest for more springs. These oases tend to be fairly small
however, unable to support more than a dozen or so people at the same time,
and so - as a matter of necessity - the Hayato spend most of their lives
traveling in small familial tribes (called broods).

This is why the tradition among broods is to travel almost constantly,
moving from oasis to oasis. Many will travel on a long established circuit,
rotating constantly between the same two or three oases. The most esteemed
and powerful tribes will control as many as four or five springs. Oases,
however are not fixed; sometimes they do not appear in a given year, and
other times whole new oases appear. The result, after hundreds of years, is
a system of tribal interaction which is highly competitive and
conflict-oriented. Broods jockey for control of an oasis, they raid one
another for resources and livestock, and they constantly vie for supremacy.

Yet despite a culture of near-constant warfare and competition, the Hayato
as a whole continue to identify themselves as a single group. This is due
largely to a number of shared practices and rituals which are seated deep
in the collective tradition of the assembled broods. Chief among these is
the Hayato's association with the Haya falcons. Like the famed Inuzuka clan
and their nin dogs, the Hayato have developed a mystical bond with a
specialized breed of desert dwelling falcon. Every member of the Hayato
clan is paired with one of these falcons, with whom they are matched for
their entire life. These birds are capable of a number of impressive feats
which no ordinary avian could claim, such as Chakra use and remarkable

Traditionally, the tribesmen of the Hayato clan are trained in the art of
kyudo (archery). On the vast expanse of desert, sneaking up on prey without
spooking it can be extremely difficult, so they use daikyu (longbows) to
strike at range. Some of the greatest hunters of the clan are said to be
able to see through the eyes of their Haya, enabling them to hunt prey from
miles away with supernatural accuracy. A specialized form of kyudo - the
hanakyu - is taught to the hunters of the tribe, which enables them to use
their favored weapons at range or in close combat. When combined with the
Hayato Senses, the best Hayato huntsmen become scouts and assassins without
compare, able to locate and strike down opponents halfway across the desert.

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