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Hidenjutsu ("Secret Techniques") are shinobi techniques passed down from
generation to generation within certain areas and clans.

The groups, clans, or communities which possess Hidenjutsu techniques are
usually extremely secretive about them in order to ensure that no one other
than the members of the group or clan learn them. Several Hidenjutsu
require a special ability or lineage and, as such, are usually the pride
and fame of the clan that possesses them. The Nara clan's Shadow Imitation
Technique and the Aburame clan's Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique are
examples of this. These techniques also cannot be copied through any means
of observation.

Hidenjutsu are not to be confused with Kekkei Genkai (a technique that
requires a specific genetic ability), but - on NarutoMUSH - Kekkei Genkai
and Hidenjutsu are considered equal in that neither can be copied by any
means (including Sharingan, Uzumaki Seals, etc.), and that they are unique
to individual clans.

In order for a character to have access to a Hidenjutsu, the character must
either be a member of a clan with Hidenjutsu (Yamanaka, Akimichi, Aburame,
Hozuki, Toujitakumi, False Immortals, Nogakujin, etc.), OR they must
specifically apply for a custom Style that allows for a unique Hidenjutsu.
Such a custom Style should be clearly noted as being a Hidenjutsu Style,
with an explanation of how it was developed, what it can and can not do,
and so on. Staff will then review the Style and approve it, deny it, or ask
for revisions. Please see +news skillapplication for the method to apply.
(Note: a character may have only ONE Hidenjutsu or Kekkei Genkai.)

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