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Ninja Found Here: Star Ninja

Hoshigakure "Village Hidden Among Stars" is located in the Land of Bears. Hoshigakure was formed sometime after a strange meteorite, which they call the "star", struck its location 200 years previous. Its leader is the Hoshikage, though the leader is a Kage in name only. The other villages do not recognize Hoshigakure as an equal, nor is there any ninja truly worthy of the title.

The meteorite itself is not that large, but it emits a chakra-enhancing radiation. No trees or plants could grow around the vicinity after it landed. The First Hoshikage devised a training method to allow the ninja in the village to harness the power of the star, allowing its ninja supernatural chakra levels. Completion of the training allows the user almost unrivaled chakra control, to the point where they can solidify it as a shield or create wings for flight. If one can survive the training, the side effects will eventually kill them.

Alliance Standings:




Konohagakure (Leaf)
Iwagakure (Stone)
Kumogakure (Cloud)
Kirigakure (Mist)
Sunagakure (Sand)
Kusagakure (Grass)
Amegakure (Rain)
Takigakure (Waterfall)

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