+news Hozuki

Village: Kirigakure

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+2 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Water Manipulation (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Hydrification Technique

The Hozuki are masters of Water Ninjutsu. They were a key factor in
establishing the borders of the Land of Water during the Clan Wars. While
Kaguya Mitsuo, the First Mizukage, provided a face to the alliance that
would be recognized by the Water Daimyou, the Hozuki's leaders were working
to build and support the infrastructure of the country that had been so
devastated by the Clan Wars. Creating temporary rivers of fresh water to
create land suitable for farming; controlling the surface ocean currents to
minimize the impact of bad weather on trade and aid in transporting sea
vessels from one place to another more swiftly; and sending scouts and
observers ranging far and wide as a faceless organization of espionage
experts to find out what the enemy might be planning against the Land of
Water: these were some of the tasks taken up by and organized by the Hozuki.

Like the water they so adeptly controlled, the Hozuki spread and inundated
the ninja world with their presence, and then lay still and stagnant,
seemingly vanishing completely. Few knew what happened to the Hozuki, and
most considered them to be extinct, with only a few publicly recognized as
being of the clan. In truth, the Hozuki have always been there: surveying
the nations around them, studying their movements and intents closely, all
without giving away their presence. But they are prepared to emerge from
hiding, to spring forth like a geyser and flood all enemy nations with the
culture and power of the Land of Water.

Dominion over the entire world is an objective of the Hozuki's leadership,
and the Hozuki themselves have a tendency to be self-confident. Some are
braggarts, others are simply arrogant, and the majority have an excellent
sense of humor that has them jibing and joking with their allies and
enemies alike (even when they themselves are the butt of a joke or insult).
"Words are words" is a common Hozuki phrase. To them, words are the means
by which feelings are conveyed, but they do not dictate one's actions and
should not control one's destiny. While the Hozuki don't tend to hold any
enmity towards the other nations in general, they do feel that other
countries, and people as a whole, would be better off with the guidance of
the Hozuki. All in all, they are willing to use force, violence, and
coercion for the "greater good".

The Hydrification Technique is a Hidenjutsu that transforms a Hozuki ninja
into a liquified state. The body can be liquified and solidified at will,
granting the ability to evade attacks in battle, infiltrate structures, or
launch a surprise attack in a liquified form. However, frequent use of this
technique is draining both on Chakra and on the body's water resources.
Further, due to both its dangers and its difficulty it is not a Ninjutsu
taught to inexperienced or irresponsible clan members. It can not be
maintained on a permanent basis. It is represented as Style, allowing
self-modification and limited shape-changing (not shape-shifting) through
liquefaction and usage of properties of this form. (Note: Hydrification
Transformations that allow for temporarily turning into a liquified form
begin at C-rank and cost the same as normal TFs.)

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