+news Hyuga

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 40

Starting Bonuses:
Juuken Style Taijutsu (Skill)
Byakugan Perception I (Defense)
Byakugan I (Transformation)

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan Transformations

The Hyuga clan are recognized as having the most powerful Taijutsu in
Konohagakure. They are well known for their powerful style of hand-to-hand
combat, and for their bloodline limit of the Byakugan ("White Eyes"). The
Hyuga consist of two familys: the main family, and the branch family. The
branch family is bound to protect the main family (even if it means
sacrificing themselves to protect them). Someone who is born in the branch
family will never be the leader of the clan. To keep the branch family
under control, and to keep the secrets of the Hyuga secure, all members of
the branch family are marked with a special Cursed Seal on their forehead.
Because of this Cursed Seal, a member of the main family can easily kill a
member of the branch family with a few simple hand movements. Also, when a
member of the branch family dies, the Seal disappears, as does their Kekkei
Genkai. This is to make sure no one will ever learn the secrets of the

The Hyuga's Byakugan allows them to specialize in Juuken Style Taijutsu
("Gentle Fist Style"). The technique is based on the Chakra they can
release from their hands (and eventually from any Chakra point in their
body). The Byakugan is a bloodline-based ability only accessible to members
of the Hyuga. The Byakugan is a pupil-based ability which allows physical,
emotional, and mental insight. The Hyuga are immediately recognizable due
to the white eyes the Byakugan gives the clan. The Byakugan is the
Sharingan's predecessor.

The Byakugan's most fearful and devastating ability is that it can see
through nearly anything. It also has the ability to see Chakra holes. The
Juuken Style Taijutsu is incredibly effective when combined with the
Byakugan. First, the Hyuga activate the Byakugan by performing a few hand
seals. Then, the Byakugan is used to look into the Chakra circulating
through the Chakra highway in the opponent's body. Finally, the Hyuga
attacks with the Juuken Style Taijutsu, aiming for their opponent's Chakra
openings. This allows the Hyuga to either shut down or redirect the Chakra
flow of an individual, rendering the opponent basically useless. This
stopping or redirecting of Chakra is done by forcing the Hyuga's own chakra
into the opponent's Chakra openings. For more information on Byakugan,
please see +news byakugan.

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