IC Promotions

+news ICPromotions

Promotions can be earned one of two ways.

First way: amaze Staff. Be active in leading missions and showing
leadership. Be active in providing RP for your village. Run your own plots.
Participate in existing plots. More simply: be involved.

Second way: apply. Each Kage has their own promotion criteria and methods.
It may be an interview; it may be a special mission; it may be a fight to
the death. When you achieve a particular XP total listed below, you may
apply for that promotion. Simply @mail your Kage (or +plot, if you are in
an unsupported village) stating your desire to be promoted.

(Please note that you do not have to be promoted if you do not want to be.
Your IC rank has nothing to do with the skills you may learn, or the Stat
Tier you may be in.)

The XP requirements for rank are as follows:

* Student to Genin: 16 Total XP, or 24 Total Stat Points (Stat Tier 1)

* Genin to Chuunin: 50 Total XP

* Chuunin to Jounin: 130 Total XP
(CharGen Chuunin to Jounin: 80 Total XP)

* Jounin to Legendary Ninja: +news legendaryninja

Note: as there can be IC promotions, so can there be IC demotions. Whether
you earned your rank, or came into it through CharGen, if you do something
that does not indicate sound judgement, or if you defy your superiors, you
may be demoted. However, once demoted, your character can ICly learn from
their mistakes, and - with a bit of effort - your rank can be restored.

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