+news Iga

Village: Sunagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Intelligence (Stat)
Shiryoku Flesh Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Flesh (Sense Organ) Manipulation

The Iga clan started out as a family of seers, wandering the arid wastes
of the Land of Wind. Blind since time can be remembered, the Iga have
thrived on seeing what others do not, or what others wish to keep secret.
Throughout the ages, the Iga have benefitted from the situations and
circumstances by offering their services to others, or by snatching up
their prize and vanishing.

How or when the Iga received their Kekkei Genkai is a mystery, and
certainly not something the clan themselves wishes to discuss with
outsiders. They seem, however, content to perpetuate the observation that
the other shinobi powers and bloodlines arouse seemingly without cause.
Regardless, the clan has mastered the use of their supernatural sense
organs to spy on others, and to construct an information network amongst
themselves. This has allowed the Iga to wander the Land of Wind without any
permanent home, keeping themselves dispersed and hard to find.

Historically, the clan has employed trickery, blackmail, and information
trading to deal with enemies and achieve their goals. It is no surprise
then that when Sousa - the first Kazekage - arrived, the Iga took notice.
Rather than get themselves involved in the man's dealings and the tangled
mess of shinobi power games, the Iga simply watched and waited. When
Sunagakure was founded, the blind clan appeared before Sousa with the wish
to join his shinobi village. Precisely why they joined Sunagakure has never
been discussed, though many Iga merely state that they respect Sousa's
method of operation, and are loyal to the country. If there were any other
reasons, only the Iga know them.

The Iga's Kekkei Genkai allows them to create wads of flesh from their
mouths, which rapidly develop into sense organs. These sense organs then
relay information to the user, even over great distances. While the Iga's
supernatural sense organs cannot detect Chakra, they do sense stimuli with
greater clarity and range than usual (such as viewing the infrared light
spectrum, for example). Of course, the Ninja Clan Wars necessitated that
the Iga develop other techniques that made use of their sense organs. The
more talented members of the clan have learned a jutsu which hides their
Kekkei Genkai organs, while others have concocted jutsu which traps with
the fleshy constructs.

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