+news Inuzuka

Village: Konohagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
Nin Dog (Custom D-rank Transformation)
Inuzuka Senses (Defense)
Four Legged Taijutsu Style (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Inuzuka Senses

The Inuzuka Clan may be one of the smaller clans in Konohagakure, but it's
certainly not small in the specialist-techniques department. The Inuzuka
clan has a special relationship to canines, and are able to fully
communicate with their canine allies (like the Aburame Clan can with bugs).
Because of this special relationship with canines, the Inuzuka are
excellent trackers, and are able to follow the tinyest of trails. This
results in the Inuzuka being able to quickly and efficiently track fleeing
opponents or captured allies. In terms of combat, the Inuzuka are very
offensive, and strike with brutal force. Because of their close
relationship with canines, the Inuzuka have taken on a fighting style very
similar to canines.

All the Inuzuka's dogs are treated as equals among the pack, as they're
people just like the rest of the Inuzuka (at least as considered by the
Inuzuka). The dogs are rather intelligent, and so learn rather easily, and
they can even comprehend complex human speech. The dogs are genetically
stronger, faster, and smarter than a normal dog. When an Inuzuka dog gets
older, they can eventually learn to speak human. They're trained almost
from birth to be with their chosen Inuzuka child, creating a unique,
powerful bond.

All Inuzuka are born into one of six clans (+news inuzukaclans). The
Inuzuka don't actually have to stay in their birth clan, as an Alpha by
birth can be a Delta, Omega, or Gamma if they desire. The only exception to
this is the Founders clan, as all Founders have to be born into the clan
(there is no other way to become a Founder). Though a Founder can act as
any other clan, it tends to be mildly frowned upon. Also, though the Alpha
and Founders are the ones who have a higher rank then the other clans, they
all realize the need for one other, truly working by the pack mentality.

The Inuzuka - being so conjoined with their dogs - have, over the decades,
taken on characteristics of their canine companions. They often have long
hair, long nails, sharper teeth, and can track much like their canines.

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