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Jikuukan Jutsu (Space-Time Techniques) are techniques that allow their
users to manipulate the space-time continuum. By manipulating a specific
point of space, the user can warp targets into a dimensional void, and
teleport them to another location instantaneously.

-All Summoning-based techniques are a manipulation of space-time, as they
warp their targets through a dimensional void to the summoner's location.
Characters wishing to apply for a Summons should see +news summons, and
follow the subsequent directions.

-Characters wishing to apply for any and all other Jikuukan techniques are
required to contact Staff prior to applying for the technique. Please note,
especially in the case of higher-ranked Jutsu, that Staff will be heavily
scrutinizing any and all applications for Jikuukan Jutsu. Each and every
application will require a Staff meeting. You will need to apply for
permission first, and have adequate justification for how your character
will be able to learn such a technique. Further, the ability to use
Jikuukan Jutsu will not be eagerly handed out: these techniques are
extremely rare.

(Note: if Staff feels that a player is ever abusing or misusing their
Jikuukan Jutusu (including Summons), then the ability to use the Jikuukan
Jutsu will be taken away without refund.)

See Also:
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