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Juinjutsu (Cursed Seals) are a type of Seal technique used to bring someone
under the control of the user. By applying a seal to the victim's body, the
user brings the victim's abilities and actions under his or her control.
The exact workings of Juinjutsu are kept secret.

Some see Cursed Seals as the quick and easy path to power. It should be
noted that most Cursed Seals do not give any benefit to the victim. That is
to say: most Cursed Seals do not allow their bearers to transform, nor do
they create multiple levels or gates or unlocks of transformations, nor do
they give additional unique powers. Most Cursed Seals simply make the
victim weaker against the one who placed the Seal, or allow the user to
control the victim.

Please note, especially in the case of higher-ranked Jutsu, that Staff will
be heavily scrutinizing any and all applications for Juinjutsu. Each and
every application will require a Staff meeting. You will need to apply for
permission first, and have adequate justification for how your character
will be able to learn such a technique. Further, the ability to use
Juinjutsu will not be eagerly handed out: these techniques are extremely

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