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Special Jutsu:

Doujutsu is a Jutsu ability genetically inherent in the eye. Doujutsu are,
for the most part, Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) abilities passed down
from generation to generation (though it is rumored that there are other
means by which to acquire a Doujutsu). On NarutoMUSH, we currently have
three clans which have known Doujutsu abilities: the Uchiha (+news uchiha),
the Hyuga (+news hyuga), and the Yamayuki (+news yamayuki).

ResJutsu (Restricted Jutsu) constitute those techniques which are powerful
enough, rare enough, or complicated enough that they are not readily
available (or sometimes even known). The current Restricted Jutsu are
Jikuukan (+news jikuukan), Juinjutsu (+news juinjutsu), and Senjutsu (+news senjutsu).

Kinjutsu are techniques that have been forbidden, banned from being taught
or used. These techniques are qualified by two means: techniques which do
extreme harm to one's self, and techniques which violate the rules of
nature. Beyond that, not much else is known.

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