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Kage ("shadow") are the leaders of the five most powerful Hidden Villages,
and are - generally - the most powerful ninja in their respective Village.
Each Village has its own Kage, and the five Kage are collectively known as
Gokage ("five shadows"). If a Kage has held their respective title for
several decades, it is likely that other ninja have become stronger. In
such a case, the Kage may retire and give the title to someone else. This
would create a case where there are two Kage at once (though only one of
them is active). The title of Kage, once granted, may be indefinitely held.

Kage oversee the activities of their villages, and are the leaders of ninja
society. They are typically the ones who send ninja teams on missions, and
who make decisions regarding the safety of the Village. The five Kage are:

* Hokage ("fire shadow") of Konohagakure
* Kazekage ("wind shadow") of Sunagakure
* Mizukage ("water shadow") of Kirigakure
* Raikage ("lightning shadow") of Kumogakure
* Tsuchikage ("earth shadow") of Iwagakure

Since the creation of Jinchuuriki, it has become a tradition for the host
of the Bijuu to be selected from the family of the Kage. In this way, the
Jinchuuriki not only have strong ties to a Village and its Kage, but they
also serve to display the might of the Kage.

* Kage may NOT be selected at CharGen, nor applied for. The only way to
become a Kage is to be chosen by Staff. Do not pester Staff asking for Kage
consideration. Staff will contact you.

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