+news Kamizuru

Village: Iwagakure

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Insect Control (Skill)
Bee Attack (Attack)

Hidenjutsu: Insect (Bee & Wasp) Control

The Kamizuru Clan is a somewhat popular clan of Iwagakure. Having similar
abilities to their rivals the Aburame, the Kamizuru have mastered the art
of bug communication, and control various breeds of bees and wasps. This
clan shares rank in Iwagakure as prominent shinobi, and are excellent
additions to teams where tracking is required.

Their leadership structure exists as a hive, having a single leader and a
handful of advisors. Known to be loyal to Iwagakure, the Kamizuru often
tend to end up in policing positions, or as spies, and even the first
Tsuchikage is a Kamizuru. The bees and wasps the clan can control are of
different variations, from the simple drone to large poisonous wasps.

Rumors contend that the Kamizuru possess a secret scroll filled with
Kinjutsu techniques for bug users, though it seems that not even the
advisors know much about it.

As like the Aburame, the Kamizuru have a special symbiotic relationship
with bees and wasps. When a Kamizuru child is born, their body is given to
the bees and wasps. Their body is used as a nest for the bugs, and their
chakra used to feed them. In return, the bees and wasps do the bidding of
their host. They act as a weapon, as a shield, and as a tool used for
gathering information. Because each Kamizuru is its own hive, their
abilities can widely vary.

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