Kekkei Genkai

+news Kekkeigenkai

Kekkei Genkai ("Bloodline Limits") are the distinct genetic abilities of a
particular clan (for example, the Kaguya's bone-manipulating talent). They
represent inherited traits unique to individual clans. The Kekkei Genkai of
any given clan can be discovered by typing +news <clan name>. For example,
+news nara.

Kekkei Genkai and their related techniques cannot be taught to, or copied
by, others. In some instances, however, Kekkei Genkai can be given to
another individual. Doujutsu, or other Kekkei Genkai isolated to a single
organ, can be transplanted into the body of another (for example, the
transplanting of a Sharingan into another person). Use of these organs
requires much more chakra than someone born with the Kekkei Genkai (though
this is rare, and requires extraordinary means). Chakra elements can also
be passed down to people outside of the clan (again, a rare and
extraordinary event).

Although Kekkei Genkai are usually genetically shared within a specific
clan, sometimes the KG can be quite rare within the clan itself (the
Kaguya's Shikotsumyaku, for instance), sometimes even being so rare that is
unique to a single individual (such as Wood Release). There are other
Kekkei Genkai that seem to appear in individuals that share no known
relation, such as is seen with Lava Release, which has appeared in shinobi
from Kirigakure, Iwagakure, and Kumogakure.

On NarutoMUSH, a Kekkei Genkai can only be inherent to your character if
you pay the Trait Point Cost for it in Character Generation (this
information can be found in the +news for each clan). A Kekkei Genkai clan
that already exists, such as the Uchiha, can simply be selected in the Char
Gen Clanship room, and the Trait Points will be deducted. In the case that
a certain clan does not yet exist - or if a player is attempting to secure
clan abilities for a single character - a Clan Application must be
submitted (+news clanapplication). The Clan Application must be approved
before the character itself can be submitted.

(Note: it is possible - if your character never initially took a clan in
CharGen - to receive a Kekkei Genkai from a clan that your character does
not belong to, nor that no Trait Point cost was paid for. In order to
potentially acquire an after-CG Kekkei Genaki, a character must submit a
detailed outline of a plot that MAY result in acquiring the Kekkei Genkai
(@mail Gilgamesh). These plot outlines require Staff permission before the
plot even starts. It should be said that gaining a Kekkei Genkai after
character generation is RARE.)

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