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Ninja Found Here: Smoke Ninja

Kemurigakure "Village Hidden in Smoke" is a village alluded to in episode 101 of the anime. Its location is unknown, as are the capabilities of its ninja. The only three ninja from the village that have appeared were portrayed as rather inept, but this may not be indicative of the overall state of the village. Instead, the three ninja in question could easily be untalented outcasts.

The Smoke Shinobi featured in the episode, who were identified as the Moya brothers, were portrayed as bumbling, incompetent ninja who could barely use any sort of jutsu, if any at all. Kakashi saved a woman from the leader, who was only referred to as Aniki (which means something along the lines of Big Bro), was trying to wed by force, and tied them up in the process. This event is apparently so insignificant that Kakashi could not remember it after meeting them once more. Since Kakashi's intervention would seem a product of random chance, it is likely that Kemurigakure is in the Land of Fire, given that smoke is a natural product of fire.

Alliance Standings:




Konohagakure (Leaf)
Iwagakure (Stone)
Kumogakure (Cloud)
Kirigakure (Mist)
Sunagakure (Sand)
Kusagakure (Grass)
Amegakure (Rain)
Takigakure (Waterfall)

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