+news Kirryu

Village: Custom

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Seal (Stat)
+1 Stamina (Stat)

Kekkei Genkai: Kirryu Shapeshifting

The Kirryu are a group of families voyaged from another continent. In
their homeland, they were traveling entertainers, circus actors, and - in
some cases - very good thieves and spies. As the group traveled, eventually
they landed themselves in the Land of Fire, where the Kirryu first
encountered the Senju. The Kirryu were invited into the Village, and were
asked to entertain. The skill of the Kirryu acrobats and actors was
astounding. But when the Kirryu exhibited their final performance, the
Senju grew curious, for the the Kirryu were able transform themselves: to
take on the traits of an animal. A number of Senju clan members asked for a
private demonstration of the Kirryu's talents. After doing as requested,the
Senju made these troupes an offer: a permanent home in exchange for
allegiance. The Kirryu accepted the offer, and soon began training not as

After the village in Konoha was started, more Kirryu showed up to help
with the building and founding of the Hidden Village. Many acted as
carpenters, cooks and metal-workers. For the most part, the Kirryu were
happy to simply aid the Village and the Senju, keeping to a low profile
while their new generations of ninja slowly became more prominent. And so
the same tendency continues today.

The Kirryu show an amazing aptitude for Chakra control, many of them to
Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Also, their shapeshifting abilities allow them to
enhance their physical attributes, making them fearsome Taijutsu users if
need be. The Kirryu are also able to learn unique Transformations (with
normal TF costs) relating to the qualities of a particular animal (no
mythological beasts), in which the Kirryu member can adopt the traits of
that animal.

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