+news Koumorite

Village: Kirigakure


Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Intelligence (Stat)
Perception II (Skill)
Bat Hand Taijutsu (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Bat Hand Ninjutsu

The Koumorite are a people indigenous to the Land of Water. The Koumorite
live primarily in a community in a single town north of Kirigakure. They
train monk-like warriors - who have some degree of Chakra control - to
protect their Clan. Originally very isolationist, the work of various ninja
of Kirigakure to earn the trust of the Koumorite has obtained a tentative
allegiance. The Elders of the Koumorite Clan are the absolute authority of
their people. Though the Koumorite may be allied with Kirigakure, and thus
the Land of Water as a whole, their loyalty is to the Elders first, their
people second. Any decision made by the Elders will be followed by a
Koumorite Clan member, even if it is undesirable. The Elders tend not to
make absolute decisions lightly, but they have and they will if they must
to preserve their people.

Koumorite are not afraid of combat, but they do not seek bloodshed with
other people. They are neither pacifists nor war-mongers. However, though
they are primarily a hunting and trading culture. The men tend to have bald
heads, or nearly so, with the women wearing their hair in braids of various
lengths and numbers. They have a strongly mystical culture, with belief in
the supernatural and a reverence for bats and the night. Their idols,
ornaments, and even their buildings are decorated appropriately, with
features that many outsiders consider demonic imagery.

The Koumorite possess bat-like physical features, including elongated and
internally-intricate ears for heightened hearing, eyes with exceptional
low-light vision, clawed fingernails, and sharpened teeth. However, they
cannot see in total darkness and their sense of smell is diminished
compared to a normal human's. Those who are trained in combat are more like
monks than ninja, using highly-disciplined training methods to augment
their natural abilities. Their fighting style is hand-to-hand, but they
also are taught how to use a small selection of simple tools and weapons,
such as polesarms, staves, knives, and occasionally short swords.

Traditionally, only their most gifted mystics amongst these monks have
learned how to use the Kekkei Genkai of the Koumorite. Bat Hand Ninjutsu
allows the Koumorite to manifest a semi-tangible Chakra that is mixed with
their own flesh and blood to create wings of "shadow". These wings can
serve as a way to fly around, glide on air currents nearly silently, or can
alter shape, size, and density to be used as a defensive tool or weapon.
Creating a sharpened edge to a wing, or extending it in multiple places to
create spikes or tendrils of shadowed flesh, or blocking an attack with a
wing to prevent it from striking the Koumorite's body, or propelling
oneself from the ground with one's wings, swinging from objects in the
environment, and similar, are all things that can be done with Bat Hand
Ninjutsu. However, these wings are at least partially made of the very
tissue of their wielder, and damage inflicted to the wings will pain and
damage their owner. (Note: Bat Hand Ninjutsu costs 2 XP and 2 PP, the same
as Chakra Shaping, and functions similarly.)

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