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Kugutsu no Jutsu techniques operate like Transformations (TFs): that is, by
"summoning" a puppet, the user (though RPing as if they have summoned and
now control a puppet) simply receives boosts to their stats, much like how
a normal TF works (see +news transformations). However, unlike normal TFs,
these puppet TFs have no cost-per-action associated with them: they simply
have a large initial Chakra cost:

-Kugutsu no Jutsu I — One D-rank Puppet: 500 Chakra

-Kugutsu no Jutsu II — One C-rank Puppet or Two Puppets: 1,000 Chakra

-Kugutsu no Jutsu III — One B-rank Puppet or Three Puppets: 1,500 Chakra

-Kugutsu no Jutsu IV — One A-rank Puppet or Five Puppets: 2,000 Chakra

-Kugutsu no Jutsu V — One S-rank Puppet or Ten Puppets: 2,500 Chakra.

Instead of purchasing TFs directly, Puppeteers have unique costs which
allow them to advance their level of Kugutsu no Jutsu. Each level advanced
allows the Puppeteer the ability to have multiple puppets OR the
opportunity to upgrade an existing puppet. For example, if the Puppeteer
advances to Kugutsu no Jutsu II, they have the ability to upgrade a single
puppet to C-rank OR they can acquire a second D-rank puppet. (Remember,
puppets act like TFs, so upgrading would allow for a C-rank TF, whilst
acquiring a second puppet would allow for two D-rank TFs.)

(Continued in +news kugutsu2.)

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+news Kugutsu2

Kugutsu no Jutsu TF Costs:

-Kugutsu no Jutsu I: 0 XP & 0 PP — Comes with clan. Allows for a single
D-rank puppet TF.

-Kugutsu no Jutsu II: 2 XP & 2 PP — Unlocks a second D-rank puppet TF OR
upgrades an existing D-rank puppet TF to C-rank.

-Kugutsu no Jutsu III: 3 XP & 3 PP — Unlocks a third D-rank puppet TF OR
upgrades an existing C-rank puppet TF to B-rank.

-Kugutsu no Jutsu IV: 6 XP & 6 PP — Unlocks a fourth and fifth D-rank
puppet TF OR upgrades an existing B-rank puppet TF to A-rank.

-Kugutsu no Jutsu V: 10 XP & 10 PP — Unlocks a sixth, seventh, eighth,
ninth, and tenth D-rank puppet TF OR upgrades an existing A-rank puppet TF
to S-rank. (Additional S-rank puppets may cost more than 10 XP & 10 PP.)

* Upgrading ANY puppet to the next rank costs 1 XP & 1 PP, but no puppet
can advance in rank beyond the level of the individual's Kugutsu no Jutsu.
For example, by having Kugutsu no Jutsu III, a puppet may be advanced to
B-rank, but no further. (Note: each puppet may only be upgraded one rank
above. Thereby, you cannot upgrade directly from D-rank to B-rank, et
cetera — you must follow rank: D-rank to C-rank, C-rank to B-rank, etc.)

All Puppeteers are granted Kugutsu no Jutsu I upon accepting the clan. This
allows for the possession of a single D-rank puppet. Every ADDITIONAL
D-rank puppet (that is, those puppets not included by purchasing new levels
of Kugutsu no Jutsu) costs 1 XP & 1 PP. For example, Ninja Bob purchases
Kugutsu no Jutsu II, and chooses to upgrade a single puppet to C-rank,
costing him 2 XP & 2 PP. If Ninja Bob wanted to add an additional D-rank
puppet alongside the already-upgraded C-rank puppet, it would cost him an
additional 1 XP & 1 PP. (Note: once a puppeteer acquires Kugutsu no Jutsu
IV, they may opt to purchase puppets which start at C-rank (rather than
D-rank) for a cost of 2 XP & 2 PP.)

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