Newsfile Kusagakure

Ninja Found Here: Grass Ninja

Kusagakure "Village Hidden Among Grass" is located in the Land of Grass. It is known that its ninja specialize in jutsu involving flora or fauna, such as the Maneshi who can bond with great cats and the Tenjin who are master herbalists. Due to the level of plants in the Land of Grass, Kusagakure Ninja are well known to have developed different types of poisons and antidotes.

Alliance Standings:



Sunagakure (Sand)
Takigakure (Waterfall)
Amegakure (Rain)
Kumogakure (Cloud)
Konohagakure (Leaf)
Kirigakure (Mist)
Iwagakure (Stone)

Hoshigakure (Star)
Yukigakure (Snow)
Getsugakure (Moon)
Kemurigakure (Smoke)

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